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Foreign currency transactions

Beneficial foreign currency trades
Does your company make international transactions? Thanks to its wide global branch network, years of experience, and desire to always meet its clients' needs, Citibank is the best partner for companies with international business activities. We offer a preferential individual exchange rate for foreign currency trades starting at USD 2,000 or equivalent in other currencies.
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In foreign currency trades, Citibank offers the following services:
CitiFX Pulse online application
The CitiFX Pulse online application not only lets you keep an eye on live exchange rates and quickly and safely process transactions between your own accounts, but also hedge exchange rate risks through forward trading. Preferential exchange rates can be used for transactions starting from just USD 2,000 or equivalent, without any fees.
Individual exchange rates for foreign currency transfers
The service can be used for foreign payments of at least USD 10,000 or equivalent in another currency. It can also be used for transfers between the client's Citibank accounts in various currencies.
Hedging exchange rate risks - FX FORWARD
This service enables the purchase or sale of foreign currency at a future date ranging from three days to 12 months at the negotiated forward rate. The minimum amount for a FX forward transaction is USD 20,000 or equivalent in another currency.
The conditions for closing a forward trade are obtaining approval from Citibank and signing a special contract.
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