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Business payment cards

Card's transactions around the globe
Citibank VISA business payment cards can be used to purchase goods and services at all sales points bearing the VISA logo in the Czech Republic and abroad, and for cash withdrawals from ATMs or at bank counters bearing the VISA logo.
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VISA, the largest worldwide card network, enables its cardholders to use millions of points of purchase all over the world, over 1,700,000 ATMs in over 200 countries worldwide, more than 60,000 points of purchase in the Czech Republic, and over 3,700 ATMs on the territory of the Czech Republic.
Why choose Citibank VISA business payment cards
  • Experience of one of the largest payment card issuers in the world
  • The worldwide VISA acceptance network
  • Solutions that provide convenience and security
We offer:
A wide selection of business payment cards
Choose from our Gold, Business, and Classic payment cards. Both credit and debit products are available.
Flexible limits
Set your expense and cash limits to suit your needs.
Travel insurance
On your trips abroad, you are protected by the travel insurance of your business payment card.
Optional additional insurance
If you wish, you may purchase additional insurance against fraudulent card misuse, for long-term business trips, and against accidents.
Online access to your business payment card
You can use the CitiManager (www.citimanager.com/login) application to access your card account at any time and from any place, to manage your contact details and to have an overview of the activity on your Citi business payment card.
Click here to access the application.
Secure online services through 3D Secure
3D Secure provides additional protection for payments in online stores. More information is available here.
Sending notification messages
You will receive e-mail and text messages to keep track of the activity on your Citi business payment card. Please click here for more information.
Monitoring 24/7
We continuously watch your finances to protect you from potential payment card fraud.
If your card is lost or stolen, please call (+420) 233 061 122 at any time.
Card blocking
If a payment card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must report the loss as soon as possible by phone at (+420) 233 061 122. The card will be blocked immediately after we receive notification of the loss via phone, free of charge. The telephone notification of card blocking must then be confirmed in writing by the account owner.
Card use limitations
For all payment cards, you may set up limits for cash withdrawals, cashless payments, or transaction types. This means you may prohibit use of the card for online payments or purchases of goods over the phone or mail, or disable the option of cash withdrawals.
Monitoring of suspicious transactions
To maintain the highest levels of security, we continuously monitor all incoming transactions and authorization requests and compare them to a pre-defined group of risk parameters. If a transaction is identified as risky, we will contact you immediately, verify your identity by authentication questions and confirm the transaction to you. If the transaction is not confirmed, the card is blocked immediately. This process helps to identify card misuse (in some cases even before you find out your card was lost or stolen), thus minimizing risks related to possible misuse. This service is provided free of charge.
Business Terms and Conditions
The current Terms and Conditions are available here.
The insurance is offered by Citibank Europe plc in cooperation with BNP Paribas Cardif Pojišťovna, a.s. and Colonnade Insurance S. A., organizační složka, which are insurance providers.
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