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O2 Recharging

Top up your credit at O2 and get 20% off
Are you an O2 customer? Are you thinking of becoming an O2 customer? With the O2 Citi credit card, you get a discount of up to 20% on O2 services. When topping up your O2 credit, you receive an additional 20% of the amount free of charge.
20% extra credit with each top-up of more than CZK 300
  • simple and convenient top-up, just order credit using your mobile phone
  • maximum security: topping up is only possible from your number
You may use this top-up O2 credit yourself or give it for example to your children or parents through a simple payment order directly from your mobile phone.
How to get 20% extra credit
  • Type on the display
    • * 131* the number of the recharged O2 prepaid recharge card*amount*security code#
    • type the number of the recharged O2 prepaid card in the following format without spaces, eg. 602123456
    • the charged amount must be in whole Crowns to the maximum amount of CZK 9 999
    • the security code is last 3 digits printed on the security strip on the back of the O2 Citi credit card
  • Send the command
    This is usually the green button or "Send" button on most mobile phones.
  • Payment
    The charged amount will be paid from your credit card and you will be able to see this transaction on your regular credit card account statement.
O2 Recharging
TIP: The entire top-up code can be stored in your phone's address book like in the picture - Dobíjení Tereza. Then all you have to do is find the code in your address book and dial.
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